Danube is a simple HTTP server that can operate without having to conform to the J2EE standard.


6th February, 2009

Version 0.4.5 is released!

This release brings couple of tidy-up changes like, for instance moving Adaptable interface into separate Maven project. Also, some bugs are fixed in handling HTTP calls (subsequent requests over the same socket for HTTP/1.1) and some bugs in bean-console.

14th November, 2007

Version 0.4 is released!

There has been major refactoring done on this release. Another significant change is for project to be re-organised and build as Maven project. Aside of it it brings some bug fixes and minor enhancements.


Documentation for Danube can be found here .

API documentation can be found here .


Binary distribution can be found here .

Source can be browsed here .


Every kind of help is more then welcome - from coding, designing to testing (using it) or commenting on it.