Package org.abstracthorizon.danube.http

Interface Summary
HTTPConnection This connection represents one HTTP request and response.

Class Summary
BaseReflectionHTTPConnectionHandler This is base http connection handler that splits different HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, TRACE, OPTIONS and possibly others) to methods with names starting with "method"l and ending with HTTP method name.
BaseReflectionHTTPConnectionHandlerBeanInfo Bean info for BaseReflectionHTTPConnectionHandler class
HTTPBufferedInputStream This is buffered http input stream.
HTTPBufferedOutputStream This is buffered http output stream.
HTTPConnectionImpl This connection represents one HTTP request and response.
HTTPContext This class marks start of "web application" by setting context path.
HTTPContextBeanInfo Bean info for HTTPContext class
HTTPMVCConnectionHandler This class represents MVC controller for HTTP.
HTTPMVCConnectionHandlerBeanInfo Bean info for HTTPMVCConnectionHandler class
HTTPServerConnectionHandler This class is entry point for HTTP server.
HTTPServerConnectionHandlerBeanInfo Bean info for HTTPServerConnectionHandler class
Selector This class selects appropriate ConnectionHandler based on matching based on the URI from the http connection.
SelectorBeanInfo Bean info for Selector class
Status This class descibes HTTP response status.

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