Package org.abstracthorizon.danube.service.server

Class Summary
MultiThreadServerService This class models multi-threaded model of connection service.
MultiThreadServerServiceBeanInfo Bean info for MultiThreadServerService class
MultiThreadServerSocketChannelService This is server service that is implemented using socket channels.
MultiThreadServerSocketChannelServiceBeanInfo Bean info for MultiThreadServerSocketChannelService class
MultiThreadServerSocketService This is server service that is implemented using sockets.
MultiThreadServerSocketServiceBeanInfo Bean info for MultiThreadServerSocketService class
MultiThreadServerSSLSocketServiceBeanInfo Bean info for MultiThreadServerSSLSocketService class
ServerConnectionHandler This class is entry point for typical server that handles request sequentially.
ServerConnectionHandlerBeanInfo Bean info for ServerConnectionHandler class
ServerService This abstract cass introduces port for potential socket to listen to and connection handler to be invoked with created connection.
ServerServiceBeanInfo Bean info for ServerService class
ServerSocketChannelService This is server socket service.
ServerSocketChannelServiceBeanInfo Bean info for ServerSocketChannelService class
SocketChannelConnection This is socket connection implementation.
SocketConnection This is socket connection implementation.

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